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Not everyone in therapy is abnormal and as a matter of fact, the people are not the problem.

August 2022
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Couples Counseling
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Are you thinking about finding a counselor to talk to in regard to your relationship?  Is it difficult to initiate conversations with your intimate partner?

Are you experiencing difficulty in deciding whether or not it is time to transition to the next phase of your relationship? Are you contemplating divorce? Do you need a mediator? Are you ready for a family and your partner isn’t? Is your marriage on the rocks? Is your relationship struggling to recover from infidelity and/ or time apart? Are you happy with your partner and find yourself and partner at the stage of the relationship of engagement? Do you want to improve your odds of sustaining a growing connection with your partner? Are you in any of these situations?
Psychotherapy is something that may be a perfect fit for you and your partner.  Many relationships fail simply because the guidance provided to the individuals in the relationship has caused more damage than harm.  Seeking relationship advisement from a professional gives you a more comprehensive way to view and to simply be with your partner.  It prepares you for multiple scenarios that your relationship could and more than likely will experience and some point and then it equips you with the skills and ability to overcome obstacle presented.  
Not everyone in therapy is abnormal and as a matter of fact, the people are not the problem. To be honest, the problem lies within the elements in our environment, culture, and other surroundings and our conceptualization of those elements that often contribute to the persistence of maladaptive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.  In a relationship, there has to be a balance that invites creativity and growth for the elements of the relationships.  The intimate partners.
I hear people refer to psychotherapy as the ultimate medicine for crazy people all the time but I have to disagree… psychotherapy is and should be a tool for normative growth during the human life cycle.  What’s stopping you from calling for your free consultation?  Go Ahead. I serve most of the metro Atlanta Area and my office of operation is in Fayetteville Ga….. Dial 6784680442 Familial Bonds LLC specializes in establishing, reinforcing, strengthening, and rebuilding relational bonds. 

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